Fostering a Positive and Inclusive Team Culture in Columbus, Ohio: A Mentor's Guide

As an Ohio mentor, it is essential to comprehend your role in supporting new teachers from underrepresented backgrounds. Dan Thomas, an experienced educator and mentor, has seen the power of community and mentoring in the Buckeye State first-hand. While potential is evenly distributed, opportunities are not. This is why MENTOR works to promote equity and close the mentoring gap by providing quality mentoring relationships for young people.

Through this multisectoral movement, we strive to create opportunities for young people in schools, workplaces, and beyond. Lawyer-to-Lawyer Mentoring is a program that connects experienced attorneys with new attorneys who have recently been admitted to the practice of law. This one-year relationship involves six meetings for a total of nine hours of mentoring. During these meetings, mentors and new attorneys discuss topics and participate in activities of their choice from a mentoring plan.

Upon completion of the program, mentors receive CLE credit and new attorneys receive the credit necessary for training new attorneys, depending on their registration status. Mentors can help you develop your skills, serve as an advisor and role model, and even expand your professional network. Lawyer-to-Lawyer Mentoring seeks to elevate the competence, professionalism, and success of Ohio attorneys by fostering positive mentoring relationships. To honor the mentors you had during your legal career and create your own legacy, consider participating in a free project with your mentor partner to fulfill Activity F of your mentoring plan. The Ohio Access to Justice Foundation also encourages mentor partners to participate in free opportunities. A mentoring program for a women's network provides a more direct channel for men in high positions to volunteer to mentor women.

Mentors and new attorneys working for free will enjoy an enriching educational experience while at the same time fulfilling their professional obligation to help ensure that justice is available to all. To get started with Lawyer-to-Lawyer Mentoring, submit your request electronically online (for new attorneys looking for mentors and experienced attorneys who want to be mentors). Mentoring can increase your personal satisfaction in your work and renew your sense of purpose in the profession. New attorneys who have participated in Lawyer to Lawyer Mentoring greatly appreciate their experiences. Finally, some mentees and mentors find it easier to schedule meetings that include breakfast or lunch rather than meeting in an office.

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