Unlock Your Potential: Resources for Project Mentors in Columbus, Ohio

Are you a project mentor in Columbus, Ohio looking to unlock your potential and become more effective? You're in luck! There are plenty of resources available to help you reach your goals. From the Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, there are plenty of ways to get the training and support you need. The Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring is a great place to start. They provide mentors with a variety of resources to help them become more effective.

They offer training on how to start relationships off on the right foot and align participants' expectations. They also provide guidance on how to prevent bullying and create a safe environment for mentees. Ohio University has 23 AmeriCorps members who work to create and support social and physical environments that promote good health and improve the quality of life in Athens County. They offer training in the construction trades, everyday life skills, and practical training in rebuilding properties.

They also help immigrants and refugees from all countries establish roots and achieve self-sufficiency in central Ohio. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources involves 19 AmeriCorps members who act as environmental stewardship bodies. They rebuild trails, increase trail accessibility, promote community participation in the park system, and engage community organizations to increase the capacity of trail-related projects and investments in Ohio, with a focus on rural, low-income, and Appalachian communities. Syntero is another great resource for project mentors in Columbus, Ohio.

They have been providing professional and compassionate counseling services in Central Ohio for over 40 years. They offer mentoring programs for single-parent college students, girls and young Columbus-area high school women and girls who are parenting or are pregnant. At the end of the school year, AmeriCorps members will be responsible for establishing and delivering a curriculum based on learning through the CRUSH service to students whose rural and urban Ohio school districts need additional resources to provide the academic and professional support necessary to enable students to develop a sustainable career in the healthcare industry. The Center also offers free interview and work clothes, mentoring, and career center resources (such as professional development, computers with Microsoft software, printers, etc.) for Central Ohio women aged 16 and over.

City Year Cleveland has 65 AmeriCorps members who provide round-the-clock academic and engagement services to students at nine public schools in Cleveland, Ohio. The weekly school tutoring program brings together adolescent mentors from Upper Arlington, Marble Cliff, and Grandview Heights with children enrolled in after-school programs in the Upper Arlington and Grandview Heights school districts. Finally, the HealthCorps Teens Make Health A Reality program has 15 AmeriCorps members who carry out health promotion and wellness activities in 15 schools in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. Visit their website for more information about each program.

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