The Power of Project Mentoring in Columbus, Ohio

Mentor parents in Columbus, Ohio are responsible for providing information and support to families of children with disabilities and their school districts. Through projects and events, participants have the chance to gain real-world skills and become positive leaders in their communities. Archie Griffin, a Columbus Schools graduate and two-time winner of the Ohio State Heisman Trophy, is the spokesperson for Project Mentor. Jurgensen has stated that the health of the public education system is the biggest issue for the future, not only in Columbus, but also in the state of Ohio and across the nation.

The Mentoring Program for Single-Parent and Adolescent College Students and Young Columbus-area High School Women Who Are Parenting or Are Pregnant is an empowerment and mentoring organization for girls and adolescents in the community. Through its school program, community workshops, events, and talks, it has been helping families for nearly 30 years manage local and state special education processes and services so that children with disabilities can get the most out of their educational experience. The Ohio State University Employment Education and Training Center, a translational research center of the College of Education and Human Ecology, is responsible for supervising and providing professional development to Ohio parent mentors. Group tutoring involves them in fun activities and provides them with a safe environment to discuss various topics.

Approximately 20 percent of the 5,000 students in the eighth grade class receive tutoring. A nonprofit organization that supports high-achieving, low-income students to achieve success in college through its programs that offer an academic mentoring program for third-year students and full four-year scholarships for universities also exists. It offers free interview and ready-to-work clothing, guidance, and professional development resources (such as computers with Microsoft software, printers, and more) for women aged 16 and over in Central Ohio. Ed Cohn, president and CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Ohio, explained that Project Mentor is an individual program that fosters a mentor-child relationship, focusing on both the academic and personal needs of the child. Project Mentoring is an invaluable resource for families in Columbus, Ohio.

It provides guidance to parents who are navigating special education processes while also offering support to young people who are looking to gain real-world skills. Through its programs, Project Mentor helps children with disabilities get the most out of their educational experience while also providing mentorship opportunities to young women who are parenting or pregnant. The Ohio State University Employment Education and Training Center provides professional development to parent mentors while Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Ohio focuses on fostering mentor-child relationships. Project Mentoring is a powerful tool that can help create positive leaders in Columbus communities.

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